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Credit & Agreement Application

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Terms and conditions of Credit

The credit supplied will apply to all services/charges provided except those listed below:

  1. Duty

  2. Vat

  3. Rent

  4. Demurrage

  5. Non-specified items imposed from time to time by Government bodies


Our normal terms of payment are 30 days from the date of the invoice, these terms may be extended at the discretion of the directors of the company, however in cases of late payment or dispute the term of payment revert to 30 days. In cases where the account has been closed the payment terms revert to immediate payment, and all outstanding invoices must be paid in full.

Disputed Charges

In the event of any query and pending that query being resolved in a period not exceeding the payment terms period, the client undertakes to withhold only the part of the due figure on an invoice as may be reasonably deemed to be in dispute. Any queries must be made in writing and will be dealt with in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.



The company reserves the right to revoke credit at any time and specifically declares its intention to do so automatically for the following reasons.


  1. Should the payment be unjustifiably held in excess of 14 days

  2. Should the total debit be in excess of the total credit limit approved.

  3. Returned Cheques.

  4. Fraud.


Your payment may be made by cheque, Bacs transfer, Cash, Other credit transfer.
It must be made in time not to exceed your credit period and be for the whole amount due and payable. If a remittance is not sent then the values will be posted against the oldest debt.

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